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NiteMagic Presents


A Never-Before-Seen, 'Nightly Attraction' Designed Exclusively for the Retail Center & "Destination-Driven" Industries



-A Magical Effects, Dancing Aquatics & Laser-WOW Spectacular!"


* Never-Before-Seen, FULLY-MOBILE, Multi-Media Attraction
* NEW Self-Contained: Proprietary, Patented Technology
* Not your "Grandpa's Dancing Waters" outdated shows
* Perfect for Both Outdoors & Indoors
* Customized to Suit Any Size Area
* Affordable: Major Discounted Pricing Offered for Multiple Properties under the same Corporate Umbrella booking a Tour from Center-to-Center
* One-Time Events or Long-Term to Permanent Installations
* Completely Mobile with Quick Install/Tear Down
* Can be nearly done anywhere--we bring the water with us
* Exclusive, Fully-Loaded, Turnkey Operation
* Water Screen can feature Sponsor's HD Images/Videos
* Boost Guest Traffic & Boom Sales!
* Draws & Captivates All Demographics
* Major News Media Magnet
* Fast & High R.O.I.
* Knock-Out Competition with a Stunning Attraction along with Our Exclusivity-Loyalty Guarantee!

Visit RPIme.com or Contact us today to see videos learn how "Aquatic-Sensations!" can make your center the next "Must See" destination!

Be sure to ask for your Spectacular WOW! promo & planning kit featuring many additional unique show packages, ideas and more ways to "dominate over your competition!"

RPI's Main Site: RPIme.com | info@rpientertainment.com | +1 323-960-9014



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