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RPI changes the Las Vegas skyline...


Theatrical lighting has made a major impact in the way we look at architecture in recent years. With the extreme advancements in entertainment technology, theatrical fixtures are no longer just for the stage. New breakthroughs in light sources such as LED's, computer-controlled color mixing systems and automated Xenon fixtures have made it possible to accomplish astonishing visual displays. Whether it's a temporary installation for a special event or a long-term to permanent application, RPI utilizes the latest, cutting-edge technology to create breath-taking and dazzling results! In 2005, RPI Entertainment was asked to create a new, mega-attraction to draw crowds to the world-famous Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Click here to read the news release and view photos.


Our designers understand the art of architectural lighting. Simple and subtle to shocking and jaw-dropping, RPI's design team meticulously studies the unique design elements of each structure to enhance the architect's original vision. The final execution results in beautiful illuminated art that can be animated and synchronized to a custom musical score. Seen on the right: The Tiffany Dome located within Chicago's historical landmark, Marshall Field's on State Street. Custom, 3-D animated images were projected onto the dome's mosaic ceiling that sparkled and transformed the once-forgotten-about Tiffany original into a new public attraction.

Many times our clients require more than just a dazzling light show. Historical monuments can draw huge crowds with an after-sundown display, generating new levels of interest in the history and value of a structure while entertaining the viewer. RPI can also combine the light and multi-media show with live performers to create a completely unique entertainment package that will surely draw mass media attention.


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