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Many of today's most successful Broadway productions, trade, fashion and television shows utilize magical effects to enhance the performance and take them to the next level. Although, some clients may not need a "magic show," we can add "magical elements" to make any production a mesmerizing spectacular! 

Some of the world's largest corporations, event planners and music artists have called upon RPI Entertainment to create an unforgettable presentation. From a magical levitation of an artist/performer [photo on left] to show stopping aerial effects for rock concerts to premiering Mercedes-Benz’s latest auto innovation via magically producing the slick new car onstage. Whether it's product or person, RPI Entertainment delivers while exceeding all expectations!

ILLUSIONEERING | Il-lu-zhon-eer-ing (noun): A hybrid of the words illusion and engineering. A unique blend of utilizing the art of magic and illusion combined with innovative engineering to conceive and develop a new method of accomplishing an effect that deceives the audience into believing that they are witnessing a supernatural effect. Example: A magical levitation with no visible means of support where a performer is seen floating or flying. Apposed to a standard theatrical flying rig where, many times, the audience can see the supporting wires and is perceived as a theatrical effect and not meant to fool people. RPI's 'Illusioneering' division is one the very unique sectors of our company that sets us apart from everyone else.

Temple Appearance Illusion Body Interlude Illusion Levitation Illusion Car Appearance Illusion

The right effect can add tremendous value and impact to a production or presentation. Below is a partial list of our more popular effects. RPI specializes in creating custom, never-before-seen effects or adapting any one of the effects listed below to suit your production needs. Call us with your ideas and watch us bring your artistic vision to life!

• Low-Lying Fog • Black Art/UV FX • Scent-Scaping
• Pyro-Fog • Simulated Flames • Confetti Launches
• Pyrotechnics • Lean Illusion • Electro-Luminated Balloon Drops
• Fog Curtains • Water Screens/Curtains • 360° 3-D Pixel Mapping/Projections
• Falling SnowFX • Real Snow Sledding Parks • Laser FX & Displays
• Magical Levitations • Magical Appear/Disappear • LED &Fiber Optic Effects

When it comes to Illusioneering and special effects, our award-winning team of magicians/illusion designers are experts in the art of magical deception. Our staff has over 150 years of combined entertainment experience. We guarantee excellence in each and every project that we produce.

Perhaps you're looking for more... well, we have it! Lasers and high-tech lighting, sets, props, curtains and backdrops, costumes, special effects and so much more! We can even provide you with technical staff and/or cast the talent for your production. There are no limits to imagination. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.



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