"Dazzling the Mind & Touching the Soul!"TM     Since 1990


RPI Offers more than just lasers… We conjure-up our Signature Blend of Magic to create an unforgettable ‘Show Experience!'


Nothing gets an audience more excited than seeing bright laser beams shooting over their heads, engulfing them in a futuristic experience! RPI brings dazzling lasers, dynamic lighting and special effects along with live performers and jaw-dropping pyrotechnics all set to nonstop customized score--creating a truly breathtaking theatrical experience...



With the recent launch of our latest after-dark production of “Dazzle-ation!” the possibilities are now endless! To truly appreciate the tremendous impact of our Stellar Shows, contact us to receive a copy RPI's Exclusive Spectacular WOW! promo & planning kit.


Imagine bright beams of laser light piercing through the air in millions of different colors! From hot flamingo Pink to deep (Black Light) UV Violets and Purples to blazing Orange and Yellows or even pure White. Having a special event and want the lasers to match the color of the theme or decor? We offer a multitude of different laser systems that can be adapted to suit your production needs. We proudly carry the technology of the brightest, most compact and lowest-powered drawing systems available. The days of extra power generators and water lines are gone--Most of our systems can sit on your lap, plug into any standard power outlet and be powerful enough to be seen from miles away!

Laser images can be created to simulate dazzling holographic-like images that dance over the audience. Seen in the photo to the right: A high-powered laser projects beams of laser light through a 30' tall dancing water fountain attraction--creating the illusion of individual floating orbs of light. Similar effects can be created by using multiple mediums such as fog/haze, humidity or theatrical scrim. We can even replicate an event sponsor's logos in laser light along with custom graphics and animations. RPI tailors each laser installation specifically for you so no two laser shows are alike!



The LaserDome™ Experience is a laser show contained within a giant fabric balloon. The LaserDome Experience solves a couple of your biggest dilemmas: What can I offer my audience that is exciting, new and really innovative? AND How can I integrate a truly affective branding solution?

Imagine, a globe-screen floating above people's heads carrying a hidden projector [and synchronized to custom audio track], displaying brilliant laser imagery filling the entire sphere! The LaserDome is also the perfect solution for theater-in-the-round. From petite to larger-than-life, LaserDome is available in standard sizes ranging from 5 1/2 feet to 30 feet in diameter—custom sizes available too. Deliver an unforgettable “WOW! Factor” to any presentation, attraction or production. This self-contained marvel is “truly a miraculous, must-see piece of work!”


Seen him at Disney Land's Tron Experience? Yep, RPI was the very first to bring this French native to the US audience! The LazerBender™ Show simply defies the laws of physics and bends the imagination with the world's first interactive laser spectacle. You've never seen anything quite like this!

RPI is home to many exclusive artists and we're happy to present this, and a few other, rare but stunning laser performers to your next project.


Our work in popular TV Shows, Commercials & Ads

"I'm a computer nerd... I don't have abs!" is certainly one of the more memorable comedic lines delivered by "Chuck" [Zachary Levi] during a debauched attempt to break-into a secret vault via a "Mission Impossible" wire harness. During the scene there's no denying the visual effects that added to the scene's authenticity and production value. The custom laser and atmospheric effects were created by the RPI Entertainment & Media Group. The producers of "CHUCK" hand-picked the RPI Show Wizards to delivery the highly specialized visual effects with little preparation and a quick turn-around for the new prime time series which premiers September 24th on the NBC Television Network. The show later went to international broadcast including the STARZ network throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Click here for an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Peak of Ray-of-Light Campaign Shoot

Like what you see and want to see more--including exclusive project videos? Be sure to ask for your Spectacular WOW! promo & planning kit featuring many additional unique show packages, ideas and more ways to "dominate over your competition!"

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