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"The scents added a delightful surprise!" - David, An Original Occasion


Scent-scaping is quickly becoming the hottest new special effect! Although it is not a visible effect, it has been scientifically proven that the scents can trigger memories within the brain, making RPI's new 'Hollywoosd ScentFX' a must-have for any event wanting to create memories that will last a lifetime! RPI has once again pioneered innovative technology for the entertainment industry with this incredibly effective scent-scaping system. The company's new ScentFX system was recently launched with outstanding success at a massive gala event that covered a 57,000 square foot space with multiple custom blended scents! Click here to read the news release and view photos from the event.


Nationally renowned, super-juice manufacturer, "Naked Juice," deployed several "Hollywood ScentFX" "Scent-Blasters" across the United States to target major markets in a massive grassroots branding campaign. The ScentFX Scent-Blasters were chosen due to the unit's ability to "blast" scents out of a very large outdoor space, releasing strategic pockets of aroma into the surrounding areas. Naked Juice's high expectations were no problem for the professional "sniffers" that create the company's proprietary olfactory blends! Click here to read the news release.


RPI Entertainment has created scent-scaping experiences for corporate branding, themed attractions and special events for many years, however, with the technology that was available on the market, the scent experiences were limited to small and medium sized venues. Hollywood ScentFX is capable of delivering up to 25,000 cubic feet per minute and can easily fill an area the size of a football field in only a few minutes--making this one of the most powerful and efficient scent distribution systems available today!

Hollywood ScentFX uses scent technology derived from natural essences that are totally safe and environmentally friendly and also create the most realistic smelling scents available. We have a large inventory of available scents. Or RPI's scent lab can create ANY imaginable custom scent to perfectly suit your event. Contact us today to learn how Hollywood ScentFX can make your next event or branding experience "A Sweet Smelling Success!


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