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  Legendary Ballpark Transforms into West Coast's Largest Snow Park!  


For Immediate Release

San Francisco, CA. December 8, 2007A massive transformation of the world famous Giant's Stadium a.k.a. AT&T Park located on the San Francisco bay, took place this weekend and was magically transformed from a sports arena into one of the largest manmade snow parks one has ever seen! The stadium floor was completely blanketed with Real Snow and included sledding hills and slopes, a huge ice skating rink accompanied by beautiful snow that fell out of the night sky over the entire stadium event!

The private corporate event hosted an estimated 20,000 guests who were treated to these wintery delights that were masterminded by Hollywood, CA-based Hollywood SnowFX & RPI Entertainment. "The event presented several challenges including the shear size of the venue." Says Samad Soomro, managing partner and executive show producer for RPI Entertainment. Many months went into designing and planning the colossal winter installation. Including, several semi-trucks filled with tons of ice that was magically transformed, by proprietary equipment, into the fluffy snow that blanketed the park. In addition, the team employed the use of their proprietary Hollywood SnowFX Systems that were powerful enough to create the illusion of real snowfall that appeared to fall from the night sky over the stadium. The event was a huge success and created unforgettable memories for the guests--many of whom have never seen snow before--making it a truly White Christmas!

RPI Entertainment & Media Group offers a myriad of creative theatrics and specializes in innovative entertainment solutions with spectacular, live Las Vegas-style theatrical productions and ground-breaking special effects across the globe. The company has offices in North America in Los Angeles, South Asia and the Middle East (Dubai). RPI is well known for its Hollywood SnowFX Shows which creates the illusion of a very realistic snowfall, indoors or outdoors, that evaporates upon contact requiring absolutely no clean up. SnowFX is the preferred snowfall effect for retail centers, major dance companies and theatrical productions worldwide. Check out
www.HollywoodSnowFX.com for more information.


For product and show information, please contact Rebecca at RPI Entertainment & Media Group: rgalo@rpientertainment.com


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