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The New “Phantasmic-Glice® Rink Drawing Crowds at West Oaks Mall

Photo Courtesy of RPI Entertainment & Media Group

December 4, 2009

Why ice skate when you can “Glice” skate at West Oaks Mall?  The mall’s 800-square-foot Phantasmic-Glice® Rink opened December 4 and will remain open through February 24, 2010 during all mall hours. Admission is $12 and includes skate rental.  A $2 off coupon is available onsite.

The Phantasmic-Glice® Rink is ice-skating of the future! The rink is comprised of a proprietary, non-frozen material that provides a perfect skating surface that is the preferred ice-alternative of Olympic skaters, hockey players and speed skaters [when real ice may not be available] due to the system’s unique ability to provide a surface that is “nearly identical” to real ice. The synthetic ice requires no refrigeration equipment or ice resurfacing machines making it a cost effective, environmentally friendly and an innovative substitute for ice rinks.

The Phantasmic-Glice® Rink was provided to West Oaks Mall by Hollywood-based RPI Entertainment & Media Group, the same firm producing the weekend snowfalls in West Oak Mall’s center court. The company also produced West Oaks Mall’s Santa’s Grand Arrival event featuring American Idol, Frenchie Davis, last month and will produce the center’s up-coming Snow-Princess on Glice event scheduled for December 22 at 7 p.m.

Come Celebrate The Season and experience the many magical surprises that only the NEW West Oaks Mall can offer during the most festive time of year!


For product and show information, please contact Rebecca at RPI Entertainment & Media Group: rgalo@rpientertainment.com


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