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Liza Minnelli sings with FX Creators of ScentFX


RPI Launches New Hollywood ScentFX--Finally A Large Scale Scent Scaping Innovation That Works!

For Immediate Release

Hollywood, CA. May 17, 2006--The sweet smell of success! Over a thousand attendees to the massive University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Charity Gala were wowed and dazzled by the spectacular multi-million dollar production that took place on May 3, 2006 at the Pittsburgh Stealers Practice Stadium. The stellar event raised over $8.2 million for Cancer research and featured a myriad of live entertainment including a surprise performance by the legendary Liza Minnelli. Breathtaking special effects which included a magical snowfall and large-scale scent-scaping were created by Hollywood, CA based RPI Entertainment & Media Group.

The event titled "Seasons of Hope" took people on a five-senses-stimulating journey through the four seasons of the year represented by various live performances on 5 large stages that were placed around the stadium floor. RPI launched their new proprietary Hollywood ScentFX scent-scaping machines that filled the air with custom blended scents that matched the appropriate seasons: Fresh Roses for Spring, Fresh Cut Grass for Summer, Apple/Cinnamon for Autumn and of course, Crisp Evergreen for Winter.

The event was produced by Southern California-based Epic Entertainment and An Original Occasion (AOO) who sought RPI's special effects expertise to create the massive scent experience. "We looked at several commercially available scent machines that have been used in smaller applications such as department stores, theme parks and small events. Everything that we found did not work well. Either the scents were phony, chemical smells or the scent machine itself couldn't generate enough smell for a large space." Says Sam Soomro, President of Marketing for RPI Entertainment. According to Jeremy Vargus, Managing Partner/FX Wizard for RPI, "One of the biggest challenges of this event was being able to [quickly] push enough scent to cover over a 57,000 square foot area--that's huge! Another challenge was to create a unit that was small enough to discretely blend into the event's decor as well as being able to rotate various scents throughout the event. RPI developed a product that delivers beyond expectation."

RPI's Illusioneering design team created a new method of blasting scents over a giant area with units that can push up to 25,000 cubic feet per minute of custom blended scents. Their creation named "Hollywood ScentFX" utilizes dry scents derived from natural essences that are totally safe and environmentally friendly and also create the most realistic smelling scents available. RPI's Hollywood ScentFX is another addition to company's proprietary "Hollywood FX" line which includes the ever-popular "Hollywood SnowFX" that was also featured over the event's main stage during the winter scene finale.

RPI is now offering their large-scale scent-scaping for special events and entertainment venues world-wide. RPI Entertainment's scent lab can create ANY imaginable customized scent for corporate branding experiences, themed attractions and special events. The company is currently integrating their ScentFX into the Desert Sin Dance Company's critically acclaimed theatrical tour of "Musee Des Femmes" where the audience will be taken to a whole new level by ScentFX to enhance their dramatic experience!

RPI Entertainment specializes in innovative entertainment solutions with live Las Vegas-style productions, world-class entertainers, special effects, lasers, and custom Illusioneering fabrication. Check out RPIme.com for more info and HollywoodSnowFX.com for more on their magical snow shows.


For product and show information, please contact Rebecca at RPI Entertainment & Media Group: rgalo@rpientertainment.com


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