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Stratosphere Hotel & Casino to Once Again Change the Las Vegas Skyline

For Immediate Release

Las Vegas, NV. August 16, 2005--Car horns honk while people walking down Las Vegas Boulevard stop in their tracks and whip out their camera-phones, staring in awe at the Stratosphere's latest attraction. “Wow! That's so cool!" Say the many onlookers during one of the test runs of the new massive architectural light show.

In early 2005 the design team at Hollywood, CA.-based RPI Entertainment & Media Group were hand-picked to create a new lighting feature for the Stratosphere Tower. "We wanted to create something that people have never seen before. Not just a lighting feature to illuminate the structure but a mega-theatrical attraction that would draw huge crowds." Says Jeremy Vargus, managing partner and show producer for RPI Entertainment. The design team was also faced with the challenge of creating a show that would outdo the competing casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. Eight months of precision planning went into creating the colossal light show which featured numerous, high-powered Xenon moving fixtures that illuminate the tallest free-standing observation tower in the United States. The 1,149 foot tall tower is engulfed in a multitude of bright, color-changing hues, moving patterns of light and a stunning finale where the beams of light sweep out into the night sky creating a giant space-aged flower while synchronized to a musical score. The dancing light show can be seen throughout all of Las Vegas.

Los Angeles-based RPI Entertainment offers a myriad of creative theatrics and specializes in innovative entertainment solutions with live Las Vegas-style productions and special effects shows. www.RPIEme.com. Project credentials: Show Concept/Produced by: Jeremy Vargus & Samad Soomro. Lighting Design and Programming by: Bryan J. Holcombe & Jeffrey Smith.


For more information, please contact Rebecca at RPI Entertainment & Media Group: rgalo@rpientertainment.com


Photo Credit: David W. Alley | Show Concept/Produced By: Jeremy Vargus & Samad Soomro | Lighting Design and Programming by: Bryan J. Holcombe & Jeffrey Smith.


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