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NiteMagic® Presents


A Never-Before-Seen, 'Nightly Attraction' Designed Exclusively for the Retail Center & "Destination-Driven" Industries




-A Magical, After-Dark, Summertime Experience!

Nature's Most Celebrated Bug



* A Never-Before-Seen, Original Theatrical Attraction

* Proprietary, Patent-Pending Technology
* Fully-Customizable [Runs Continuously or In Show-Mode]
* Perfect for Both Outdoors & Indoors
* One-Time Events or Long-Term to Permanent Installations
* Low Maintenance & Hassle-Free
* "Eco-Friendly" -A Nice-Sized Show Runs on 2-Standard Power Outlets Anywhere in the World
* Customized to Suit Any Size Area
* Affordable for Purchase and will Run for Many Years | Major Discounted Pricing Offered for Multiple Properties under the same Corporate Umbrella
* Expandable and can Grow as Attraction Gains Popularity
* Expert, Professional Installation and Life-Long Support
* Ability to Run Automatically or Controlled by Center's Staff
* Can be Programmed to Feature Sponsor's Names & Logos
* Flexibility to be 'Very Animated' or a 'Subtle Ambience'
* Boost Guest Traffic & Boom Sales!
* Draws & Captivates All Demographics
* Major News Media Magnet
* Fast & High R.O.I.
* Knock-Out Competition with a Stunning Attraction along with Our Exclusivity-Loyalty Guarantee!

The Beloved Summertime Firefly!

-And in our version, there are no mosquitoes!

Attraction Synopsis:

Imagine for a moment...

Walking through a park area of your favorite center. It's just after dusk and that feeling of 'ahh, these summer nights' settles in…

Suddenly, you catch glimpse of a little sparkle out of the corner of your eye... then another, followed by what appears to be a growing cluster of random tiny yellowish-green flashes...why, they're Fireflies!

Nature’s distinct nocturnal cousin's chime in with authentic "New Orleans Bayou" sounds of crickets, bull frogs and a couple of owls...

The park is subtlety illuminated in soft, moonlight glows. The glow is accented by splashes of deep, saturated blue and violate hues. The mysterious lighting pallet perfectly enhances the magic of the contrasting yellowish-green bioluminescent performers…

“Now, there's more fireflies beside me... And over there—and down there—and now they are dancing above our heads! They're everywhere—WOW!" Is what your guests will be exclaiming! The crowds are immersed 360-degrees by this wondrous, glowing, twirling, thousands of points-of-light spectacle!

The sounds of the nocturnal creature’s chorus go from random bits to a synchronized rhythm which is then brilliantly joined by deep drums, then winds and strings... the various elements reach a crescendo...

Suddenly, a countless number of Glowing Butterflies Magically appear to take part in the Lunar celebration! The crowds move throughout the park--some attempting to reach out and catch a fly or two. Kids of all ages become starry-eyed at what appears to be a really cool random act of nature...

Every little creature is blinking, moving and flying. The celebration reaches a dynamic finale when all of the fireflies begin to move-in together from all directions, forming a swirling swarm—further peaking the crowd's interest of "what's going to happen next?" The Firefly nebula begins to form a shape...a word...why it's the Event’s Name (venue or show sponsors)!

The crowd cheers and applaud the unexpected display from the world's most beloved bug!

The butterflies and fireflies slowly disperse and fade away—leaving the crowds with fun and unforgettable memories—perhaps even feeling nostalgia from that time not so long ago when you had your first Firefly Experience!

Visit RPIme.com or Contact us today to learn how the "Firefly Experience" can make your center the next "Must See" destination!

Be sure to ask for your Spectacular WOW! promo & planning kit featuring many additional unique show packages, ideas and more ways to "dominate over your competition!"
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